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Slizers (Also known as Throwbots)was the first Lego Technic 'Bionicle' Style toys. Basicly, they are the God farthers Of Bionicle Unfortnatly, in 2002 The Lego Group took down the Slizers/Throwbots Micro-site. And almost sll lego Slizers/Throwbot history was lost... This wiki will be one of the biggest, and unfortnatly one of the few Slizers/Throwbot sites on the Internet. We will alow anyone to edit it, as long as they bring new facts and secrets of the Slizers world...

We even include the 'Roboriders'. Because Roboriders was the only other 'Pre-Bionicle' Technic figure theme.

This site was created by Niall.C.Fray on the 29.07.2009, who is Niall.C.Fray is an Huge Pre-Bionicle fan. And Because:

Oneday, an dark Cloud will fall over all of lego... And on that day; the sound of disks shall sound again...


1999 - 2009 ten years of throwbotsEdit

10 Years ago Lego realcesed two completley new themes

First one being Rock Raiders - The first Underground Theme. And with it Lego first real time strategy game

Secondly being Lego Technics first 'Action figure' theme. Slizers. Although this new idea would not kick off for an other three years until Bionicle release in 2001. This was the first real breakthrough in Lego figures.