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Slizer show promo

Slizer show promo

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Slizer/Throwbots show==

the show was created by Carl Ling and based it heavily off of slizers. It takes place in modern day earth where the 8 disks mysteriously landed. one of them landed in Trev Thunder's back-yard (witch is the main character who will later be revealed to be electro). and he meets up with Micheal Sinister witch is the neighborhood artifact dealer (descendant of Sam Sinister). The show is full of lego references new and old.


the story takes place in earth now and says that the slizers planet is earth 3000 years in the future. The antagonists are viruses that have landed in earth hundreds of years ago (and was later revealed that blaster slizer is the one who sent them) and have been laying dormant for years until the disks arrived, now that the disks arrived the viruses attached themselves to plant life in order to get the disks there are pland to involve other elementals such as golems, living vehicles, ice monsters and fire dragons.


in order of importance

Trevor Thunder he is a descendent of Johnny thunder and is the main character he is known for his eccentricity and his overall wild-ness he will later be revealed as electro and is the creator of the show.

Micheal Sinister is the neighborhood artifact dealer and has a used car salesman personality it is hinted that he could be the jet/judge slizer but that has not been confirmed.

Amazon has not acually been seen but has been leaving mysterious clues behind for trev saying that he needs help.

and the antagonists are

Blaster witch is shown to look like a mutation of amazon and jet he only appears once.

elementals witch are the product of having the viruses taking control of plant-life they have been known to capture humans for reasons unknown


it is very popular in the U.S but also in the U.K it is not very known but the fans love it.

the creator Carl Ling has many new ideas that makes this show very recognized by the fans